Hey there, I am Fabian! This is my first blog entry and I was wondering where to start for a while. What could be the first interesting thing to talk about?

I found myself redesigning the pages, the projects in the gallery and the overall layout of this site over and over again. It took me long to decide for something because there are so many inspiring website designs out there. Luckily, I realized that I’ll never find a site that everybody loves and that, on the other hand, I can administrate without too much effort. Above all, I never had a strict deadline and felt free to delay work and decisions.

The point of return

Frankly speaking, to realize the above, I needed a kick in the butt. That came in January when I was asked if I am interested in creating an aquascape for the fair “Tierwelt Magdeburg“. Suddenly I had the chance to come out of my closet (having my tanks at home, showing the good sides online) and show my creations live to a big audience.

Big audience. Professional audience. That means pressure but also chances! And at first I thought about the chances. While writing this I realize that in the depth of my mind I seem to be a more positive person which gives me a smile. And while writing this I remember that some smart person told me in her book that I’ll learn something about me when I start blogging. Here we go!


I thought that a professional audience might be interested in what I do. A few days after I decided to give that exhibition a try, I started making decisions for the layout, the content and the structure of this site. Furthermore, the perfectionist came out again and I designed vcards and a shirt (which was a fail because of missing contrast compared to what the configurator of the webshop was showing). But at least I made decisions!

Nevertheless, I am laughing about the fact that I wasn’t able to bring the website online without expectations I project onto other people and that, on the other hand, I bring it online because of the projection of those possible expectations.

Anyhow: it feels great that it’s online. I hope to benefit from writing these articles. Getting better in english. Getting better in writing in general. What do I hope for? That you like my work (aquascapes), but that you love to read my articles and get in touch because of what I write.

Love yourself. Ask yourself why you do the things you do. Be mindful and hopefully: be part of my journey.


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  • Excellent site – very professional and your content is well written. I have been following you on Instagram and it is really good to get to know your thinking behind the pictures. I look forward to reading more.

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