Hello again! Have you read my previous post? Might be helpful to read it first. I wrote about the pressure and the chances of a big and partly professional audience. This post is more about the pressure and how I am trying to balance myself.

Good and bad news

The good news is that nothing really bad can happen. The truth and the bad news is: I have algae in both of my showtanks for the “Tierwelt Magdeburg” that won’t be gone until deadline. Algae, sure, it’s nature. No tank is algae free. That can happen. I am not a professional aquascaper. I don’t feed a big dose of easy carbo or change water daily. I try to do my hobby a bit more advanced in the future but don’t want to use chemicals or waste too much water. I don’t have a contract with anybody and can’t lose anything… but…

Pressure, expectations and possible reasons

In fact, I had and have the expectations to deliver not good but best quality. For the first time, I had to quickly set up a tank, find hardscape and start the tanks fast to be able to balance them and get them algae free within a deadline. I usually just follow my procedures and never had big trouble with algae in the past. This time, I got nervous. I started the tanks normally but with a new fertilizer. From the 2nd week on I realized that the tanks both don’t work as I am used to and I probably made the first failure. Instead of waiting, I reacted with a change. I started using my old fertilizers again. On the one tank the CO2 pressure reducer leaked and I didn’t realize for about 4 days that the bottle was empty. The other tank is the DOOA Terra 23H WabiKusa. I never made a WabiKusa before and also just had very small and not perfectly fitting plants for the wall. Problems, reactions, panic.

In conclusion, I am still trying to balance both of the tanks but I started to balance myself again. I do what I can but live with the fact that not everything is perfectly in shape. I was very worried and had some sleepless nights. I am still worried and try to find a better balance, measure more often … but this post and to be open about the problems is a release of the pressure. It is as it is. You get me. I am as far as I am. I do aquariums for 16/17 months now. How can I be perfect? I’m being who I am. A dedicated aquascaper.

Yours, Fabian

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  • Macht dich mal nicht so verrückt mein Lieber! Deine Becken sind wunderschön. Sehr kreativ, ausgeglichen und es gibt jede Menge zu entdecken, wohin man auch schaut..
    Respekt hierfür!

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