Today EAPLC results came out and I participated in the “large” contest. These were all of the categories according to EAPLC-Website:

  • Nano category, aquariums 0-59 litres
  • Medium category, aquariums 60-179 litres
  • Large category, aquariums 180+ litres
  • Biotope Style category, aquariums that look like biotopes,
    but don’t necessarily fulfil all biotope requirements
  • Paludarium Style category, everything between a classic aquarium and
    a classic Wabi-Kusa
  • Classic Wabi-Kusa category, Wabi-Kusa balls that fit on the palm of your hand

I participated with a scape that I called “Gate to Niigata”. Niigata is the Japanese prefecture where you’ll find the Aqua Design Amano headquarters. ADA is the founder and host of the most important Aquascaping Contest, the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC). EAPLC is the European and smaller, but authorized version of the contest.

I was never completely happy with the scape because I could have used much more space in the tank and did not achieve a perfect plant growth. The design also lacked some depth effect. When I took the final shot, it was not meant to be for the EAPLC but I was asked to participate anyways and I thought that I have nothing to lose, so I did and achieved:


ADA 90p 90x45x45cm

There are several more things I would do different for the next final shot, but I would love to have a little discussion on that topic instead of telling you. So what are your opinions? Leave a comment!

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