TAOTPAthe art of the planted aquarium – the international aquascaping contest in Magdeburg from 06-07th April is coming up. The contest is part of the Tierwelt Magdeburg fair. It’s not only my first live contest, it’s my first visit at an aquatic fair in general. In other words: I am super fevered.

And of course there are a lot of questions running through my head:

  1. I want to crush stones and cut roots. Do I need a saw and a hammer?
  2. Is it allowed to use other glue than the one provided by the host?
  3. What kind of plants are looking great from the first day on? What to order from tropica?
  4. What layout? And is it clever to think about the possible plants before thinking about a layout? I surely have some concrete ideads allready but how do the pro scapers approach?
  5. Do I need to bring a bucket and a tube to fill the tanks? I mean I guess not because I can’t imagine 20 people waiting in front of a sink…
  6. Will people fight for the best hardscape? I warn you, I am tall and robust! :p
  7. In addition to pincettes, scissors, brushes … what kind of technical devises help to get the plants look great and the water to be super clear? Are people seriously bringing CO2 Systems, additional filters and only god knows what else for about 10 hours?
  8. I scape in both the nano and the xl contest, should I focus on one and keep the other one super simple? I could imagine keeping the focus on the nano and just do an iwagumi-style scape in the xl category or vise versa.
  9. Are people running arround in the contest shirt for the whole weekend? Let’s hope not!
  10. Is it allowed to give good drinks to other attendees so they lose focus?

my two show tanks for the ADA Lounge

In addition to the contest I bring two show tanks to the fair and arrive alone by car. I hope I’ll find 1 or 2 friendly people carrying 🙂 You might have the same questions or have answers allready. In any case:

Write a comment. Let’s discuss.


  • Die meisten Fragen davon stelle ich mir auch 😀
    Einfach erstmal alles mitnehmen und dann mal schauen.

  • Haha. You literally jump yourself into the cold water! Bring and build two show tanks, participate in Nano and XL
    contest and never before have been to such a fair. But you are definitely asking the right questions! Do not worry, there are a few helping hands under the aquascaper.

    • Hi Thorsten, happy to see you here. Do you know if the cigarette filter glueing technique for example is allowed? Dustin (comment above yours) is wondering about the same things.

  • Ich nehm auch Zigarettenfilter mit. Die lass ich mir nicht verbieten. Ist doch ne Technik, die üblich ist. Die Fragen find ich gut und irgendwie lustig. Ich hoffe auch, mann muss nicht das ganze WE im gleichen T-Shirt rumrennen. Haben die ne Waschmaschine und nen Trockner? Dann gehts. Wir nehmen auf jeden Fall Hammer, Säge, Eimer und Gießkanne und sowas mit. Warum sollte das verboten sein? Wenn ich kleine Steine brauche, muss ich sie ja irgendwie klein kriegen oder? Ich hab keine Angst, mich mit dir ums Hardscape zu kloppen hahaha, die Vorstellung find ich extrem lustig. Ich glaub aber eh, dass ich andere Steine und Wurzeln nehme als du, darauf hoffe ich jetzt einfach mal.

  • Haha you are allowed to fill me up with beer! Aaaand i will wear my shirt for the whole weekend extra for you.
    If you are unsure about tools and other equipment, give me a call I will help you

    • o.k. am besten fülle ich dich am Freitag ab, dann biste nicht mehr so schnell beim Scapen und ich bring Raumspray mit und lauf dir die ganze Zeit hinterher 😉

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