Wednesday is my big weekly maintenance day. I was a bit sick for about two days and wednesday morning I wasnt really able to start changing water in 7 tanks. I drank tea and had a warm-water bottle on my tummy, tryed to relax on the couch while watching some movies on netflix. Luckily it got better in the afternoon. While I did the maintenance I realized how relaxed I got within the last month. Maybe one of the following reasons might help you aswell.

Minimize prepration time

About half a year ago changing water and doing maintenance stressed me out immensely. I made failures, water ran over 2 times within 6 month, I was even stressed between the weekly water changes. We moved into the 5th floor and water pressure was so low that it took the RO-Filter about 20 hours to fill up my 110 and 60 liter water canisters that are necessary (not even enough) for a 50% change in all my tanks. It’s kind of difficult to find 20 hours while working 9-5, because even if I use a water stop and an additional water alarm I never let the filter run without being at home or asleep. I bought a bigger RO-Filter in November that comes with a pressure pump. 170 liters are filtred in less than 2 hours now, so the water is prepared before I am ready with my routine and I just use a super low tech pump to keep the water moving within the canisters for the week. Less stress, more relaxation!

Water In/Out

The two canisters stand in the store-room of our flat. I mineralize the water in the canisters and use a pump and a long hose with a stop valve to refill the tanks. Yesterday was the last day carrying buckets through the flat from tank to sink and spill water all over the bathroom or kitchen. I still used the good old hose/bucket method because carrying the pump and the outlet of the long hose from A to B and so on, just made a wet floor and I don’t want the laminate to be destroyed by water. Yesterday I got news that my 2nd pump will arrive within this week. With this second pump and a quick release double tap on both hose, waterchange will be a lot easier again. to prevent loss of animals and the sink to be full of sand and soil, I will use a brailer at the sink. Less buckets, less dirt, less cleaning afterwards.

Relaxing environment

Until December the ensemble of my husband was doing rehearsals in our flat the same day I did maintenance. Same day was not a problem for a long time, but became one when they changed their location to our flat. Changing water under pressure and with 8 people walking arround your equipment, leaving shoes and jackets on spots you usually need for walking or placing stuff can be super annoying. They changed to Tuesday for different reasons. Less stress, more focus, less time needed.

Good vibes and focus

A lot of people I ask hate maintenance and water change. And no, it’s not my favorite thing to to aswell. In January I talked to a very relaxed and smart person about doing things that no one likes. I asked about her approach to these things and she said:

I just do this one thing and I do it with all my attention. When I walk, I walk. When I read, I read. When I clean the kitchen, I clean the kitchen. When I eat, I eat.

When you eat, you are allready cleaning your tanks in your head. When you clean the tanks, you are allready reading in your head and when you are walking, you are allready thinking about something else.

Actually this quote is not from her in person, but from a story she once found and which inspired her. And since that talk I do water change. I do it and I enjoy it. I know that the plants and the animals will benefit. That I look into the tanks more satisfied afterwards. I don’t look a series on Netflix at the same time. The only thing I do is listening to a very relaxing, peaceful and natural playlist on Spotify called “Soundbowls“. With this good vibes and this chilled mood I am able to do one thing at a time. Do it with care. With attention. I don’t search for scissors or pincettes because I put them back to the same spot every time. I even feel that my tanks look better since I do it that way. So the truth is: I don’t really save time, because I use it to do more trimming and maintenance 😉

What else to improve?

Routine is not perfect and I am not able to change 50% of water in every tank on one day. I want to change that and therefore I decided to sell my biggest tank (90x45x45 cm – 182 litres). Another tank (110x30x20 cm – 66 litres) will be replaced by a 120x40x28 cm – 120 Liter tank. I want ro reduce the time I need for the waterchange anyways and the biggest tank that needs most of the time. Additionally it’s standing in the entrance. I only see this tank when entering the flat or going to shower. It’s not worth the effort. 6 instead of 8 tanks. Less work, less stress. It’ll be cool! And the best thing with selling the ADA 90p is that we can finally have a wardrobe. Wait, is a wardrobe more important than a tank? Yes, if it brings relaxation and quality.

Namaste. Fabi

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  • Thank you for sharing your maintenance routine and how you were able to streamline some of the more laborious aspects off water changes. I have also saved the playlist :-).

    I agree that mindfulness is important. It takes the process from being a chore to an act of kindness and care for the living things in our tanks that give us so much pleasure.

    It’s only a small outlay of time compared to the rewards that well-tended tanks can provide.

    Thanks again

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