Sure, nature is the biggest inspiration. But when you want to do something outstanding in an aquarium and live in Berlin, there isn’t that much of inspiring landscapes nearby. I took a lot of pictures when we were in Austria in Summer 2017. My first aquascape Pleader is inspired by the beautiful mountain “Großer Rettenstein”, part of “The Hohe Tauern”, the biggest central European national park in the Alps. The rugged rock stands alone like a meteor that fell from the sky. I also found inspiration in the valley “Habachtal” in the same area. In summer, nice little streams with fresh water run through nice vegetation and when you spy through the top of the trees you can spot austrias 2nd largest mountain, the “Großvenediger” (3657 meters). Besides that, I find inspiration in other aquascapers and want to share my inspirational sources with you.

in alphabetical order

Adam Paszczela – ADA Idea Studio (Tychy, Poland)

Adam can name the “ADA Idea Studio Poland” his own and is providing Europe with some sort of ADA Manten Stone, that is called Frodo-Stone or Ancient Stone. As a reseller of stones, he has a sheer endless resource of hardscape which is helpful, but Adam shows a huge talent and a lot of effort to make use of this hardscape. He also calls a collection of local woods his own. He makes great and in some way very unique use of it.

Check out ADA Idea Studio Poland on Instagram

Aqua_buzzT – Sebastian Hopf (Germany)

This guy is a great photographer and in my opinion an even better aquascaper. His layout skills and his imaginations were the inspiration and the help for my latest aquascapes. We talked about the scapes I created live via video call and I realized how superior it is to work that way. I’ll write in another article how I made this method work for myself without the eye of another person. Basti is great support no matter if its regarding plant choice or layout questions. Thank you, once again, Sensei Basti!

Follow him on Instagram.

Aqua Show PL – Michal Adamek (Warsaw, Poland)

I ran into Michal at the Art of the Planted Aquarium. He asked me if I have some leftover pots of HCC for his scape. I gave him some pots and later even more. I said: “when you win TAotPA you pay me 10 bucks because you wouldn’t have won without me”… it came exactly like that (apart from the fact that others paid his bills). Michal is a super fun person and I felt a good vibe from the beginning. He is a crazy genius giving everything for his hobby/work. The shop and the tanks shown on Aqua Show PLs Instagram account are outstanding. Give it a shot and stop by!

aquaowner – Tobias Gawrisch (Germany)

Tobias is a photographer and had a youtube-channel for photography before he started the same thing for his passion: aquascaping. Since a while, his passion turned to be his full-time job and his YouTube-Channel counts more than 300 high-quality videos helping you to learn everything about aquascaping. His meticulous and scientific approach does not leave any questions, and if, he is there to answer your questions in person patiently.

Check out AquaOwner on Youtube

Adrie Baumann – aquascaping symphony (Germany)

Adrie is in the business for quite a while already. One can say he is working in the aquascaping business since it became a more serious industry in Germany. His knowledge about plants, his techniques, his professionality is a true inspiration. He makes creating an aquascape look like its easy because of his endless amount of experience. I love Adrie’s works and want to visit him in his Showroom that he recently started soon.

Check out Adrie on Instagram

George Farmer (Great Britain)

“Hi everyone I’m George” is probably one of the most known video intros on Youtube with aquascaping content. George loves nature style aquariums. It does not have to be too difficult but somehow a bit wild and free. I love that approach and I love the content that this guy is producing. I drove George to the Aiport in Berlin after the fair in Magdeburg and he was pretty relaxed and open but still professional. He makes a ton of content and provides coverage of aquascaping related content from all over the world.

Check out George on YouTube.

Green Aqua – Attila Néder, Balázs Farkas, Viktor Lantos (Budapest, Hungary)

The guys from Green Aqua moved into their amazing new store in 2018 and celebrated their 10th anniversary in May 2019. It’s not only a store but an amazing aquascaping gallery with awesome scapes from amazing aquascapes from all over the world. They also have a growing number of great and funny videos about the process of setting up or maintaining a tank and other stuff. Definitely worth checking out.

Green Aqua Youtube Channel

James Findley – the green machine

James had a local shop in North Wales and an online shop for about 11 years. He definitely got famous for the very good video content he and his team produced a couple of years ago. James is mostly known for a couple of nice shallow aquascapes (ADA120 F) but also for other designs. My scape #greenplains is inspired by James work.

Check out thegreenmachine on Youtube

Jurijs Jutjajevs – Jurijs with JS (Germany)

I have not had that much contact with Jurijs, but from my perspective, Jurijs is an inspiration when it comes to hard work. He is always busy, making great aquascaping related video content and vlogs, he is spending an enormous amount of time giving feedback and helping people, is part of, by far the coolest aquascaping clothing brand, he also works for Tropica Aquarium Plants as the social media/brand manager, is producing podcasts and I am sure there a lot of things I don’t even know about.

Check out Jurijs Youtube channel

liquid nature Vienna – Philip Schwarz & Stefan Graf (Vienna, Austria)

These two guys are for me personally the rising stars of the scene. After Philip won the first price in his category on the EAPLC “European Aquatic Plants Layout Contest” 2019 I thought I’ll write him some congratulations. When I did, I realized that my last and only message was congratulating him to the win of another contest back in 2017 when I just discovered aquascaping. Stefan and Philip just celebrated the official opening of their brand new shop & gallery in Vienna – Liquid Nature Vienna (GREAT STORE).

You’ll find interviews about their latest fantastic works on the youtube channel of Jurijs Jutjajevs and of Aquaowner.

shrimpery, Chris (Philadelphia, USA)

Mr Pond! Chris is doing great pond style aquascapes. Lots of plants, massively growing out of water. Cool pictures and videos. He has a growing number of followers on both his Instagram and his youtube channel. Check him out!

The Cine Scaper – Máté Molnár, (Hungary)

Máté is the god of storytelling in his amazingly high quality cinematic aquascaping videos. One of his jobs is producing videos and one can quickly see what I mean: great compositions and details, Máté is using within his works. In addition, he has a good feeling for rhythm and is using free cool music for his projects that makes you dance in your living room while watching aquascaping videos. How cool is that?

Check Out “The Cine Scaper” on Youtube.

Takashi Amano – Aqua Design Amano

Takashi Amano was the founder of Aqua Design Amano, the most trend setting company in the world of aquascaping.  Mr. Amano was a designer, a photographer, an author and an aquascaper. In 13 books you can find fine works and background informations about aqauscaping, plants, layouting, photography and many other things. You also get a lot of great informations regarding aquascaping on the ADA-Website. Mr. Amano passed away 2015 but his spirit will last for a long time.

Last but not least

There is a large number of people providing incredibly cool stuff. It’s difficult to describe their impact of my aquascapes because of the language barrier of for other reasons (different tank sizes for example). I don’t want to hold back these sources, therefore I made this following link list:

kumanomi360, Japan. baby9xx, Tokyo – Japan. kouji7655i, Tokyo –  Japan. kokerium, japan (the mushroom factory). Dave Chow, Hong Kong. soutbayaqua, California USA, (god of Utricularia graminifolia), Parisianscape, Quentin (Paris), Giuseppe Nisi (Bologna, Italy), kawatariumu (japan), Glassaqua (Los Angeles, USA) and so much more…


let me know in the comments who is missing in the link list in your opinion and I might add 🙂


    • Dave is mentioned. I like the style of both others but somehow they don’t inspire me that much 🙂 but great scapers anyways and totally fair to have them on your list

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