It’s that wonderful time of the year again and you might have one of these crazy friends, or a wife, or a coworker, that is totally crazy for aquascaping.

Well, in that case it’s always good to know at least something about the equipment the person allready has, but without knowing, you can at least find some goodies that not everybody has yet. But should have!

I split in cost ranges. Here we go:

5-10 €

Consumables always work, but a package of filter wool is not a very pleasant gift. Thats why I suggest a book that is full of inspiration and tons of information for a surprising good price. Ask your ADA dealer if they order for you.

The “Made in ADA Book” – arround 9,90 €

10-20 €

Its the end of the year. So most of the people don’t have a calendar for the new year yet. And they are not over expensive. The Nature Aquarium Creator Calender 2020 should come arround 19,90 € and is an effordable but very nice gift for a dedicated hobbyist.

NA CREATORS 2020 Calender – arround 19,90 €

20-30 €

A very nice small design piece is the DOOA Glass Pot Maru. Its hand made it Japan and brilliantly minimalistic. I love this little pot and gave one to my Aquascaping Sensei Sebastian as a gift.

DOOA Glass Pot Maru – arround 24,90-28,90

If the receiving person is new to the hobby, check for their maintenance tools. If they don’t have a lot, you might buy a nice scissor or a planting tweezer. They are arround 29,90€ – I can really recommend to not buy to cheap tools because tools you work with regularly (like a scissor for trimming every 2nd week) should lay in a hand perfectly.

Aquascaping Tweezers or Sciccsors – – Arround 29,90

30-100 €

The span between 30-100 is a bit larger, but you can find so many cool gifts in that range and their prices vary because of brand name and quality. Thats why I love to give just 2 great examples.

The DOOA Neo Glass Air

is available in different sizes and in my oppinion the best option to keep a wabi kusa or a small tank without the need of a filter. With undemanding plants that love shady places or a window that is directed south, not even a light is needed to keep some plants and explore their emersed or sumbersed growth. The Glass Air is available from arround 60-75€

DOOA Neo Glass Air (left), DOOA Glass Pot Maru (middle) and its cover (right) with a ADA Sansui Stone in it.

Moss Trimming Filter

Trimming moss can be super annoying. With an additional filter like the Dennerle Scapers Flow, you can easily attach a tube to the inflow and suck all the trimmings directly away. The moss does not spread to unwanted areas and the scape stays clean.

Dennerle Scapers Flow arround 70 €

100 € and above

Yes. You can go crazy. And the hell does every scaper go crazy for great aquascaping products. I just get some new stuff in my private gallery and am super excited about the DOOA Terra System and the DOOA Mizukasa Wall (might be availably short before christmas in Europe).

Water is dripping down the back of a wabikusa wall into a shallow aquatic tank. Combined with a ultra sonic fogger that keeps the leafs of the plants moist, this a whole new world for every under water fanatic.

DOOA System Terra – arround 349 +55 € with DOOA Mist Flow

Yes, my ideas are very brand specific, but presents should give joy and I feel joy when I get something with quality. Presents are emotions. That does not mean that products from other companies are not cool or a nice gift, but I can only tell what I would love to get or personally would give to others.

I hope you find the right present. Don’t let the search stress you out. Just find a cool dealer that, when you picked the wrong one, takes it back for money or at least a voucher.

Happy giving, Merry Christmas.


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