„Designing an aquascape is like a 3D puzzle where you use your imagination to create a beautiful landscape from natural materials.“ – Fabian Beck
Bolbitis Heudelotti Kongo Farn


I was raised in a small town in north west Germany and moved to Berlin in 2012. I felt this was the right place to live and to love and in 2017 I discovered an very intersting aquarium on pinterest. I got hooked and stumbled into the hobby and had to find out: not only fish school, aquariums do aswell !

In the blink of an eye I suddenly had 3 aquariums.


By February 2024 I created over 150 aquascapes for myself and partners for video productions )(Oase Living Water) and exhibitions like Tierwelt Messe Magdeburg (European Aquaristics/ADA) and Interzoo (Tropica Aquarium Plants). I scaped an aquarium in one of the worlds best galleries at Green Aqua Shop in Budapest in 2023 and can’t wait to build the next tank with passion.


Currently I maintain 7 aquascapes in my own livingroom. I love to listen to good music and enjoy my rooftop terrace in summer with a good book. There is nothing better than hiking or bikepacking in the alps.


Diorama Aquascape "Calm in the current" from Fabian Beck
2023: IAPLC Rank 11 / EAPLC XXL Rank 1 - Calm in Current


In 2022 I decided to take contests a bit more serious and had some amazing achievements in national and international aquascaping contests. 2023 results:


· IAPLC 2023 – World Ranking 11

· EAPLC 2023 – XXL – Rank 1
· TAOTPA 2023 – Nano – Rank 3 (Live)


I create high quality content and I am known for my clean looks in photography and videography.

I worked as a professional blog author, actor for video productions, videographer and am about to start my own youtube channel.

Find my social media channels here:

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I am very lucky to have some partners that support me and my work for a long time allready:


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