My passion

Until March 2017 I played a lot of Badminton and went to the gym quite regularly. I suffered a series of injuries the year before and just fought back onto the court when another heavy fracture in a training session forced me to retire from the sport that I loved. I surfed through the web and randomly stumbled upon a picture of a cool aquarium with floating planted stones and started investigating how on earth this was made. I found the online community of www.aquasabi.de – the flowgrow.de online forum and started planning my first aquascape called #pleader which was set up on October 29th 2017.

In December 2017, I made an 5 hour long live stream setting up my 2nd aquascape #greenplains – the videos can still be found on my Facebook-Page.

In January 2018, I won the 1st place in the Facebook Group Aquacaping Germany for the best Tank. This success motivated me to go further and a few months later I had five aquascapes and 3 shrimp tanks.

In summer 2018, I changed my artist name from 1/11 Aquascaping to scapeling – 1/11 didn’t really work with SEO and was difficult to explain. Scapeling is a person that loves scaping (that’s at least my meaning) and it was not used. It’s short and somehow friendly and nice. That’s what I want to be apart from short maybe … a scapeling!

April 2019, I prepared two show tanks for the ADA Lounge at Tierwelt Magdeburg fair (6th-7th April) and got very positive feedback  on both of the tanks.

In May 2019, I am more than happy to announce that I partnered up with Tropica Aquarium Plants from Denmark. Tropica supports me with plants, soil and fertilizer for my next projects. I hope that this partnership will last for a long time.

At the moment, I run 7 aquascapes from 20 Liter (5 gallons) to 134 Liter (35,399 gallons) and give regular updates on my instagram account and on my Facebook Page.

Personal progress