Distraction is my 2nd aquascape and it was my first shallow tank (ADA 60F). I decided for this shallow design because we wanted to place the tank between our two screens on our desk, without blocking the line of sight between the two of us with a higher tank design.

We have cats and they love eating plants that grow out of the tank. They would have been easily able to jump on the desk and reach the tank. Firstly I don’t know much about aquatic plants poisoning cats and moreover, I wanted to save our keyboards. I decided to use the cube garden aquarium cover for this tank and don’t hardscape or plant above water level.


I used lava rock from a local stone dealer (0,88 € / Kilo) and spider wood roots. Cosmetic sand is ADA La Plata. The soil is ADA Aquasoil Amazonia.


I tried Utricularia Graminifolia first but failed because I did not know anything about that plant at that time. After it melted I used Eleocharis mini as a carpeting plant. Java Moss and Coral Moss (Riccardia Chamedryfrolia) are used. Java fern (Microsorum pteropus Trident) is hidden between the roots. Rotala Walichi is the plant in the right background. In the right foreground, 3 little Cryptocorynes were planted. Galaxy Rasboras (Danio margaritatus) and Blue Tiger Shrimp (Caridina Mariae) with orange eyes lived in that tank.

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Chihiros RGB 602-10 pm
  • Dimming level 7/7


  • Aquario NEO cO2 Nano Diffusor
  • 2 B/S

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