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Green Plains


This tank is absolutely amazing. I never really had hard trouble with this tank. Some partial problems but never a big thing going wrong. I scaped Green Plains live on Facebook back in December 2017. It was my 3rd Aquascape after Pleader and Distraction. The stream was about 5 hours long and I suffered a very sour throat and lost my voice the day after. I never talked that much in 5 hours before. My husband and Jotta, a friend that also has a couple of fishtanks and shrimptanks were so kind and worked hard behind the screens. They forwarded questions to me that people threw in, regarding the stones, the plants, the substrate system and so on. Some more experienced aquascaper joined the stream and also gave some tips to me. I should do that more often in the future. Don’t you think? The tank is a custom made 110x30x20 OptiWhite Low Iron Tank by Emmel Aquaristik.


Substrate system is ADA Aquasoil Amazonia. I used Seiryu Ryuoh (Mini Landscape) rocks again. The big rock on the left coming out is moist with a small room fountain pump. Moss is growing on it. Thats the one difficult spot in this tank. The light is strong and the moss is directly under the bright light. In other words, it seems you never get enough fertilizers on there.


Micranthemum Montecarlo builds the big carpet that needs to be trimmed every other month. On the left back and in the meanwhile in the middle background Hydrocotyle Tripartita is growing strongly under and out of water. It’s mixed with Rotala Green so heavily that you don’t really see through anymore! Left foreground is some kind of Anubias barteri. var nana. Next to the big rock you’ll find Hydrocotyle verticalata followed by some Christmas Moss and Coral Moss again. In the right background we have Rotala H’ra which is more of an orange than a red. I changed a lot in this tank, tried out different species like Cryptocoryne Tropica Wendtii Brown (which comes out again and again at some spots). I also had some Cyperus Helferi in the left and right background and wanted it to grow out but it hasn’t worked for half a year so I planted it into another tank.

Lambchop Rasbora (Trigonostigma hengeli) swim in this habitat. They are chilled but don’t really enjoy the water changes because swimming space gets a bit small. I started with 20 Blue Jelly Neocardina Davidi Shrimp. I sold about 100 Shrimps already and I still believe there are hundreds. Clithon sp. clean the glass and the rocks. Overall this tank is very mature now and does not need much attention or careful fertilization.

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Chihiros a9012-9 pm
  • Dimming level 100%


  • JBL Pro Flora Inline Diffusor 12/16
  • 2 B/S

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