Gurami Bay


Gurami Bay is the 2nd layout in this 60x30x18 cm tank (ADA 60F). Shallow tanks are very cool but they are also challenging for beginners. Stem plants need a lot of attention because they quickly overgrow and need to be trimmed quiet often. I recommend fertilizing CO2 via inline injection if possible because you can provide it much better to every corner of the tank. I don’t have one in this tank, but want to update at some point.  Find some nice little In- and Outflows that have a minimum depth of immersion like the Aqua Rebell OF1 Lily Pipe and the IF1 Inflow.


I started placing the black lava stones to see how they fit in and glued them to the ground of the tank and the top layers to the bottom layers to prevent them from falling and drifting from their designated spot. The soil is ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Powder Type on top of a 1cm thick layer of ADA Power Sand Special S.

Besides the black lava, we have Waitomo Forest roots in this tank. Actually, they don’t pop out that well in front of the black rocks because they are dark as well. I used ADA La Plata cosmetic sand again and love the contrast between rocks/roots and the sand here at least.


Moss on the emersed part is Creeping Moss (Vesicularia sp. Creeping Moss). On water level, Taiwan Moss (Taxiphyllum alternans) is growing downwards. Submersed moss is Coral Moss (Riccardia chamedryfolia). On the left and right front, I planted Cuba Pearl Grass (Hemianthus Calatrichoides Cuba or HCC), followed by Rotala Bonsai and Myriophyllum Mattogrosense on the left and Rotala Bonsai, Rotala H’ra and Limnophilia Hypperodoides in the back. Limnobium Laevigatum is the swimming plant giving some shade to hide for the Honey Guramis (Colisa Chuna)  and the Ember Tetras (hyphessobrycon amandae). Shrimp are the gorgeous Blue Dream Neocaridina Davidi shrimp from the local shrimp store Garnelen Guemmer.

Gurami Bay Blue Dream Shrimp


Chihiros RGB 602-10 pm
  • Dimming level 7/7


  • Aquario NEO cO2 Nano Diffusor
  • 2 B/S

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  • Hello! Ein wunderschönes Scape – ich versuche gerade ein AQ in unserem Restaurant ähnlich einzurichten.

    Danke für die tollen Fotos und vielen Details.

    Weiter so! 😉

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