Angels Feathers


Angels Feathers was a tough tank in the beginning. I switched the carpeting plant 2 times. I had serious trouble removing Java Moss that suddenly was all over the tank. The first two carpeting plants (Glossostigma elatinoides and Eleocharis mini) were too dark to clearly see the little fuzz of the Java Moss. I had some Micranthemum Monte Carlo left over from another tank and with that change, I also replaced Rotala H’ra which never got red because of the shade the roots are throwing with Myriophyllum Guayana… By March 21st a picture of this tank got the most attention on Instagram and I am really happy how everything in this tank turned out. What did I learn here? Patience is latinum!


The roots were still floating after I watered them for around a month. I knew that I had to hold them in position somehow. In any case, they needed to be fixed. I bought some stainless steel screws and used two slate tiles.  Hardscape was complemented with some Seiryu Ryuoh rocks when I replanted the stem plants.


Micranthemum Montecarlo, Microsorum Pteropus trident, Bucephalandra sp. red, Hygrophila Pinnatifida, Alternanthera Reineckii mini, Myriophyllum sp. Guayana and definitely some thread algae! Great Bee Shrimps (Caridina) from my good friend and awesome shrimp breeder Alex live in this tank. They even propagate slowly. In addition 5 Caridina Multidentata or Amano Shrimp are in the tank to eat some algae. Besides the shrimp 5 Otocinclus affinis swim around with 5 Pseudomugil furcatus (forktail blue-eye). Last but not least some orange ramshorn and clithon sp. live in this tank and are part of the clean up crew.

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angels feathers final shot


Twinstar 600S RGB3:30-10:30 pm
  • Dimming level 100%


  • Aquario NEO cO2 Nano Diffusor
  • 2 B/S

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